January 17, 2009
flag of california
In January of 2009 I went on a weekend trip with friends to San Francisco, CA. We stayed at the Nob Hill Motor Inn which had tons of broken items in the hotel rooms, but they were clean. We visited places like Fisherman's Wharf and the Crookedest Street in the World. We also went on a crazy long walk from our hotel across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, without eating. It was a significant walk, around 15 miles or so. Note for future visitors, there is not any food across the bridge, and there isn't any real food on the city side of the bridge without walking back to civilization, it is just the Golden Gate Bridge Cafe, which has a selection similar to a gas station. I highly recommend a backpack with food and water if you are going to make the trek.

The Musee Mecanique was a pretty cool experience. Tons of old style machines and games from various ages, from the little animated devices that ran when a coin is inserted to full pinball. There was a creepy giant lady going into the place in a glass case that was quite interesting. I also found the overhead wires throughout the city quite interesting. They allowed buses to drive around the city, I think on electric power, but I am not certain. It was strange seeing a bus drive around the city on these wires, because it had more lateral movement than a train, but less lateral movement than a real bus.

There is a lot of potential for panoramic pictures in San Francisco. I used AutoStitch to generate mine.

The highlights of this trip in picture form: