March 24, 2006
flag of washingtondc
In March of 2006 I went to Washington, D.C. for a business trip to demonstrate a product to some members of DHS. Before and after a few meetings and demonstrations, myself and a few co-workers were given free reign of the city. We visited most of the major monuments in a single, grueling hike around the capital, starting north of the White House and working our way around to the Capitol building, and then down the national Mall hitting the monuments along the way, including the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Reflecting pool, FDR memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial before walking back around and back to our car.

At the start of the day, we were searching for a place to park, and this guy comes up to us as we're pulling into a parking lot. He told us that it was $20 to park for the day, so a co-worker gave him the money and he gave us a valid-looking ticket, and pointed to a parking space that looked less than legitimate. Shortly after pulling into the spot, the guy starts to walk away, and a guy yells from the building above the parking space that we can't park there. Then the real owner of the parking lot came around the corner and told us we didn't pay the proper person. This is when hilarity ensued. The person driving the vehicle started to move it, but one of my other co-workers took off running after the con-artist. Another co-worker went chasing after him with a video camera filming the whole incident. It was great, the best (and only) scam I've ever had the pleasure of being a victim of!

The next day after some more meetings, we were given a few hours to spend in the city again. A co-worker and I chose to visit the National Air and Space museum, and I was not disappointed. I am a big fan of space and furthering mankind's ventures into it, so I was ecstatic to see SpaceShipOne, which Mike Melvill flew sub-orbitally to be the first commercial astronaut, and winning the $10M Ansari X Prize.

Since this was mostly a business trip, minimal time was spent taking pictures, but here are the best of the trip: