July 13, 2020
I recently moved to a new house that has sprinklers, which is new to me. After fighting with the sprinkler controllers that were previously installed, I decided I wanted to have more control. I started researching how sprinkler controllers and valves work and decided it would be extremely simple to build my own controller using parts I had lying around the house already.
April 18, 2016
Recently, it has come to our attention that Alex and I need to lose some weight. Well, mostly it was Alex's doctor who suggested it for her, but in the spirit of solidarity, I have been joining her on this journey. One thing that Alex has been consuming a lot more of lately is produce.
March 28, 2015
PWCs aren't exactly known for being able to carry a lot of cargo. When I go to the lake, I like to get away from people. The problem with this is that if you don't know someone with a larger vessel to carry your gear, you either have to stay close to road-access (and people), or get creative. This project is about me getting creative.